Besides planning and packing, there are other things to consider and prepare for before arriving to campus. If you need further details than what you’ll find here, you can visit this website.


All students must PreCheck-in before arriving at their designated check-in location (see below). In order to PreCheck-in you will need to log in to MyLMU, click “Campus Life” on the top right, and access the option titled “Student Housing Portal” from the drop-down menu. On the main page, select “My Housing” tab and click on “Forms”, select “PreCheck-in”.


OneCard (Prior to Checking in)

All new students will be receiving a OneCard upon check-in. Please be sure to bring government issued ID with you so we can issue your OneCard.

All First Year Students MUST submit their photo to the OneCard office if they have not done so already. Students will receive their OneCard upon check-in. Submitting your OneCard photo will expedite your Housing check-in process. Please review the following webpage for more information.

Select Your Bed Configuration – Deadline to submit request Aug. 7th

All rooms contain modular furniture for each student: an extra-long twin bed, a desk, chair, bookcase and dresser. Several different configurations can be created to optimize available floor space and personalize your room.

We offer three bed configuration options. Some buildings offer limited bed configuration options due to ceiling fans. Just select your choice, and we will configure your bed prior to your arrival. NOTE: bed configurations are completed based on availability of parts.

LOFT (Not Available for Fall 2022): The 5′ height allows maximum under bed storage, but requires a ladder to get into bed. Please note that this configuration is NOT available for this semester.

LOW: The mattress sits about 18″ from the floor limiting under bed storage and available floor space.

CAPTAIN:The preferred choice allows greater under bed storage. The mattress is about 35″ from the floor.

BUNK: One bed below the other. Both roommates must select this option.

Once you decide on a configuration, you may make your selection via MyLMU “Student Housing Portal.” You must submit your bed configuration request before August 7, 2022. If you do not submit your request by August 7, 2022, we cannot guarantee that your selected configuration will be waiting for you when you arrive. If we do not receive a request from you, your bed will be set to the default configuration of “captain.” Students assigned to triple rooms or temporary housing are unable to request a specific bed configuration. Their furniture will be set-up at our discretion to provide optimal living space.

Log into MyLMU -> Campus Life -> Student Housing Portal -> Bed Configuration and make your selection.

Important Information for Mckay, Whelan, Rosecrans, and Desmond residents. Due to ceiling fans, no lofts or bunks can be accommodated in McKay and only one (1) bed can be lofted or bunked in Desmond, Rosecrans and Whelan. Requests will be granted to the first resident in the space to complete the online form. Please also note there are no lofted beds at this time.