Get up and running as soon as you arrive.


Each room on campus has an ethernet connection and access to the campus wireless network. When you first connect to the internet, you will be prompted to register your computer. LMU requires that you install approved anti-virus software and all operating system updates. To avoid interference with the wireless service, wireless routers and 2.4 GHz cordless phones are not permitted.

Connecting to the campus internet/wifi:

Laptops and mobile devices:

Choose LMU-Wireless and enter your MYLMU username/password.


Other devices (TVs, gaming systems, etc.):

These will need to be registered first in the self-service portal.  Once they are registered you would connect them to LMU-Guest.  For more information please visit http://its.lmu.edu/device


Ethernet ports:

Activated by request (allow 2-3 business days)

Go to http://its.lmu.edu/servicedesk  and click on Request Services>Ethernet Port Activation


If you run into any issues please contact the ITS Service Desk at 310-338-7777 or servicedesk@lmu.edu


The Distribution Center offers several postal services including USPS, FedEx, DHL and UPS. Cash or OneCard Flexi-dollars are the only form of payment accepted for postal service transactions. Please contact the Business Center at (310) 338-2890 or (310) 338-3797 if you have questions about their services.


LMU OneCard

The LMU OneCard is your key to convenience! The OneCard is not just your student ID and library card—it’s also the key to your room. You must have your OneCard with you to check in to your housing assignment. If you do not have your OneCard, your first stop on campus should be to get your OneCard. Pick up your OneCard at Campus Business Services located in the Charles Von der Ahe (VDA) Building.

Click here for additional information regarding the LMU OneCard.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are available in each building. Landry Alert, a web-based notification program, displays the availability of laundry equipment so that students only go to the laundry room when machines are available. The system can notify you by cell or email when a machine becomes available or when your laundry is done. Since there are no coin-operated machines, you need to add money to your Flexi-account and use your OneCard to purchase cycles on the washing machines and dryers. The laundry cost is an affordable $1.25 to wash and $1.00 to dry.

LMU Alert System

The LMU Alert System is designed to inform the LMU community in the event of an emergency or crisis. LMU Alerts are restricted to health, life and safety issue affecting the campus community. The system will contact you via phone, personal email and/or text message, based upon your preferences. For information and to register, visit: www.lmu.edu/alert

For more information about campus amenities, please visit: Living in LION Nation or our website.

The first step to a good roommate relationship is a mutual understanding of who you are and what you expect of your new living situation. To establish this relationship, have an open conversation about the habits and routines that will affect your living space. Be honest about your likes and dislikes, and know when to compromise.

Before discussing living arrangements with your roommate(s), think about how you plan to use your living area. When you arrive to campus, we will have a roommate agreement ready for you to facilitate this discussion. To help address the topics mentioned below, a sample roommate agreement is available online at www.lmu.edu/housing.

Roommate Agreement Sample Topics:

How you work out differences
Your communication style
Your preferred study environment
Your sleeping habits
How important cleanliness is to you
Cleaning schedule
Entertaining guests in the room
How you feel about sharing personal items
Use of the telephone, computer, television and other technology
The role your family/culture/religion plays in your education
The values that are important to you (e.g. personal time, privacy, social interaction with friends and roommates, religion, etc.)

Once you have reflected on these topics, discuss your answers with your roommate(s). Remember to be honest about your wants and needs. You may come across a topic on which you cannot agree. This is expected and is where compromise becomes a very necessary tool.

Strive to foster great roommate relationships by creating a positive living environment. While your roommate does not have to be your best friend, honesty and open communication can be the pathway to creating a positive on-campus experience.

Create A Great Experience On Campus

Talk through problems, and discuss issues as they arise
Discuss important topics with your roommate(s)
Find areas of compromise
If compromise is unsuccessful, speak to a Residence Life staff member

Need To Cancel Your Housing Assignment?

If you do not plan to live on campus, you must complete the online cancellation form, otherwise you will be responsible for paying the housing costs for the entire academic year. To cancel your housing assignment, please complete the 2021-2022 Housing License Agreement Release Request form. You can access this form by logging in to “MyLMU,” clicking on “Campus Life,” and selecting “Student Housing Online Services” from the drop down menu. Click on the “Housing Portal” button and then select ‘Housing License Agreement Release Request.” No verbal or written requests sent to any other department, such as Admissions or the Registrar will serve to cancel your license agreement. You must cancel by completing the appropriate form as noted above. In addition, no requests from anyone other than the student will be accepted. The housing deposit is non-refundable. This applies to all students who choose to cancel their housing assignment for any reason.

Share Your New Address

You can stay connected with family and friends by sharing your new mailing address. All full-time, undergraduate students are assigned a campus mailbox, located in University Hall, for the duration of their stay at LMU. During the first week of August, the Distribution Center will e-mail your campus mailbox information to you. Your mailing address will look like this:
LOS ANGELES, CA 90045-2659

Your campus mailbox will be used for all official notices both during the academic year and summer sessions. This applies to all students whether they live on or off campus.


To request a restriction of the release of your public information (e.g. name, room number, campus mailbox, and phone number), you may complete the “Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information” form available on the Registrar’s website at http://academics.lmu.edu/registrar. For additional information, please contact the Registrar’s Office at (310) 338-2740.