The beginning of lifelong relationships.

Roommates often develop lifelong relationships and help each other transition into life at LMU. Since this relationship is so important, we ask that you answer the roommate preference questions honestly.

Find your roommate and meet other residents through the Roommate Finder tool located on the Housing application. Students can use this tool to search for and match with other students who have similar answers to the profile questions completed on the housing application. You can also use this tool to pair with a roommate you met outside the housing application!

Make your roommate request official by sharing your “roommate pairing number” (on your instruction letter/email) with each other. Both of you must enter the other person’s name and pairing number on the application.

Then, make sure you both have ranked your building preferences in the same order. Review all building information on our website to make a personal comparison and rank them accordingly.

Remember, all LMU housing facilities offer similar amenities. Your living experience will be shaped by the community you will help build, rather than its physical structure or location.

Need Help Finding Your Roommate?

If you don’t have a specific roommate in mind and don’t get a chance to match with anyone, that is ok! We’ll pair you with someone based on your responses to the “Profile Questionnaire” on the housing application. Be mindful and answer honestly—your responses will assist us with your roommate pairing.

Realistically, the best roommate relationships are built upon communication and cooperation, not solely having similar responses to the questionnaire. While your answers help us make housing assignments, they don’t determine your roommate dynamic; that’s a relationship that will be fostered by each of you.

Changes to Your Housing Assignment

We have a room change process that begins the third week of the fall and spring semesters. You must meet with your Resident Director to discuss your interest in changing rooms. Unfortunately, we are unable to make any changes to your assignment during the summer.