Personalize your living space.

Things to Bring

Check out this list created by students that will hopefully make this move easier by helping you identify those things you need, those you can leave at home, or those you can get when you go back to visit!

Coordinate with your future roommate(s) to avoid bringing duplicate items. Please do not bring any prohibited items such as air conditioning units, pets, candles, etc.


The University partners with Collegiate Concepts to provide on-campus residents the opportunity to lease microfridges (microwave-refrigerator combinations). You may bring your own refrigerator as long as it is no larger than 5.0 cubic feet or lease a maximum of one microfridge per room. Microfridges from Collegiate Concepts are the only ones allowed in our rooms. For additional information, please visit www.collegefridge.com or call (888) 929-0806. Rentals with this company help support the Resident Housing Association (RHA) and its programming efforts.


You may purchase the extra-long, twin-sized linen that you will need, along with many other useful products, from On Campus Marketing (OCM). To check availability and place an order, you may visit their website www.rhl.org/lmu or call (800) 957-4338. We also have partnered with Bed Bath and Beyond, BBBY.COM/LMULA. Using these companies also helps fund RHA’s programming efforts.

Shipping Your Belongings

Unfortunately, there are no storage facilities on campus. Any item(s) being shipped to you on campus must arrive after you do. Always include your campus mailbox number to prevent delays in mail delivery. Please do not ship your belongings until you have received your mailbox number (sent in mid-August). Cash should never be sent through the mail.

Parking on Campus

LMU is a relatively small campus. You will find that most destinations are only a short walk from your room. If you do choose to bring your car to campus, parking is available at various locations and will be determined by your room assignment. All students must register their vehicles with the Department of Parking and Transportation. The associated parking fee will automatically be charged to your student account in accordance with LMU parking policy. During move-in weekend, officers will be on hand to issue temporary loading permits for the parking spaces that are nearest to our housing facilities.